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true friendship is talking about masturbating and it not being weird 

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“1. Do not say “I love you” if you do not mean it.
2. Do not date someone just to make another person jealous.
3. Do not cheat.
4. Do not lie, not even about little insignificant things.
5. Do not date someone just because someone else is unavailable at the moment.
6. Do not play with someone’s emotions.
7. Just be a decent fucking person.”

another rant no one will learn from (via hidden-disaster)

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“Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.”

― Orison Swett Marden (via psych-quotes)

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So my university had a ‘stress-free resort’ station set up today to help students combat the stress of finals week.
There was a coloring table
complete with Lion King coloring books
There was a lego table


also, free massages. 

This is the most wonderful thing that ever happened in four years of college. 

Our school should do this

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“I’m willing to die for the woman I love. I just want to take 75 years to do it.”

― Jarod Kintz (via psych-quotes)

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i cant wait to get a boyfriend, im all prepared. i punched some holes in the lid of this jar and i put some grass and a twig in it

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u can still be thug as hell even if you cry everyday right

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